7-Minute System To Strip Off the Fat
& Reveal a Sculpted, Tight Body!

30% Superior Results From EVERY Rep

Suspension Training is the Quickest Way To Take
Bodyweight Training To The Next Level

TRX Exercise

Melt fat and get sculpted muscle… in less time… without stepping foot
in a gym!
The new TRX-7 stackable workouts use proven suspension
training principles to accelerate your fat burning and deliver toned and
sculpted muscle faster than gym workouts or regular bodyweight exercise.!

Brand new research from the Journal of Human Kinetics proves what we
knew all along — suspension training delivers up to 30% better muscle
than the same exercise done with bodyweight alone!

TRX Exercise

You’ll choose from 7 totally different 7-Minute
“stackable” routines.!

  1. Metabolic Split Sets!
  2. Strength Endurance Sets!
  3. Descending Sets!
  4. Ascending Sets!
  5. 1-Minute-Switch Sets!
  6. Tabata Super Sets!
  7. TRX Cardio Flow

TRX-7 is a series of self-contained 7-minute circuits that you can stack together to create workouts that range from a quick and dirty 7 minutes to 35 minutes or more. Just choose the circuits you’d like to use and stack them together until you have your perfect workout!!

You Don’t Have To Decide Today!…

As with all our programs, you benefit from our iron-clad 100% no-hassle money-back guarantee when you give TRX-7 a try today. In fact, you’ve got a full 60 days to see the results for yourself. And if at any time before that time you decide TRX-7 is not for you, just let us know and we’ll refund every penny of your investment.

TRX 7 minute cardio

The 7-Minute Suspension Training
System To Strip Off the Fat & Reveal a Sculpted, Tight Body!

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