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Why You're Wasting 67% of Your Fat Burning
Potential — and the 21-Minute System That
Guarantees You’ll Consistently Maximize Your
Body’s Natural Ability To Fight Fat

New BW3 Workout Methods Fly In The Face Of The “Experts”
By Quickly Stripping 21 lbs Of Ugly Unhealthy Fat From Your
Body In Just 21 Minutes A Day — In Your Own Home,
All While Enjoying Your Favorite “Forbidden” Foods

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By Adam Steer
Biosignature Certified, MAT Lower Body Specialist

There’s a familiar weight loss trap that’s setting us up to fail.

If you’ve ever been fooled by it, you’re not alone. I’ve been caught up in the same excitement many times. And it starts out great…

We get all fired up to “get in shape.” It’s usually sparked by an inspiring character in an action movie, or a friend’s fitness success story.

Just this summer, the Avengers’ Black Widow inspired countless women to eat right and exercise hard, thanks to her tight stomach and tempting curves.

And when Daniel Craig pulled himself out of the water in Skyfall to sit shirtless at the edge of the pool, he spiked browser searches from guys looking for that incredible 007 physique.

I mean, jeez, what guy wouldn’t want to be Bond…? I know I would.

Unfortunately, these guys don’t stand a chance of sculpting a Bond-style body. And those gals will probably never get Natasha Romanoff’s super-heroic physique either.


The Fatal Mistake That’s
Keeping You Flabby

Because conventional wisdom about fat loss is broken. And I’ll tell you on this page why most people are wasting 67% or MORE of their fat burning potential every time they work out.

Take the “world’s most popular weight loss exercise” as an example. Every year, 36 million people start jogging because they think it’ll get them the lean action hero physique that inspired them. But check this out…

In 2006, researchers from Berkley and Stanford Universities revealed the results of their study on habitual runners. To the shock of the entire fitness industry, ALL the runners — including those who ran as much as 8 miles per DAY — got fatter with every passing year!

Those folks are wasting 100% of their exercise time! And that’s just one of the many mistakes I want to help you avoid.

If you’re inspired to build an action hero body, then you’ve gotta train like an action hero.

On this page, I’ll show you the 3 essential workout methods that build bodies worthy of the silver screen. Oh, and I’ll tell you how you can get everything Bond has with bodyweight training only.

Sound too good to be true? Let me tell you why it works…

Why you CAN eat carbs, train just 21 minutes a day,
and STILL torch 21 lbs of fat in only 12 weeks

What if I said you could cut your workouts by more than half, cancel your expensive gym membership, train whenever & wherever you want and STILL melt 2 lbs or more of nasty, ugly, unhealthy fat each and every week?

Does that sound too crazy to be true?

Well that’s EXACTLY what I’m saying.

Most popular fat loss programs make you spend crazy hours in the gym — and force you to cut the foods you love — because they ignore this crucial secret element: Synergy!

They all fail in the end because they only see one small part of the picture. But what if you could see the entire big picture, and how it all fits together?

That’s what it’s like when you put all the pieces of your diet and workout program together. That’s synergy!

And that’s how Bodyweight Burn can reduce
your workout time to only 21 minutes a day.”

It also explains why there’s really no such thing as a “forbidden” food. In fact…

You can even EAT CARBS. Actually, you can eat whatever you want. You just have to plan those meals strategically.

Because it brings all the pieces of the puzzle together, Bodyweight Burn keeps your metabolism roaring 24/7. So you never have to resort to extreme measures like marathon workout sessions and deprivation diets.

You’re just steps away from building your own superstar body. But do you know the best thing about all this? You can keep that body for life.

Bodyweight Burn teaches you habits and actions that’ll set you free from the nutrition traps and workout dangers that have been costing you the body of your dreams…

What Cookie-Cutter Gym Workouts & Boring Cardio
Are Really Costing You

What, you don’t think you’re in a losing deal? That’s just because you haven’t counted the costs. And it isn’t just your expensive gym membership, either.

The cost is slow results and hours of wasted effort. The cost is pointless sweat spilled on useless machines and the wrong types of exercise.

The cost is spending several hours a week at the gym, but looking exactly the same year after year.

Maybe you know people like this. And maybe it’s even happened to you.

But don’t worry, it isn’t your fault. And it’s not theirs either.

What I’m going to share with you on this page is your shortcut to avoiding the frustration of busting your butt, wasting your time and not getting the results you deserve. And I really want you to have this information.

So here’s the deal… You know those folks who just seem to “have” the flat belly you’re fighting so hard to get? The ones with firm arms instead of jiggly bat wings? The guys and gals with shapely butts and lean sexy legs?

They’re the ones who get it all “naturally”, right?

WRONG. They just know how to avoid this…

The Problem: You’re WASTING 67% Of Your
Fat-Burning Potential EVERY Time You Exercise

There are three key “blocks” that must be included in any effective fat loss plan. We’ll talk about them in just a minute. But know this…

You can NOT hit 100% of your fat burning potential without all three.

The sad truth is, most conventional programs only hit one of the three essential methods. That means you’re only working with 33% of your fat burning potential — at best.

And it gets even worse. These three fat loss keys are synergistic. They build on each other. So if you’re making the mistake of only using one, you may be losing fat at a rate that’s even lower than 33% of your potential.

The 3 Workout Mistakes That Rob You
Of Your Fat Burning Potential

1. You ONLY burn calories DURING your workout

If you want to melt maximum fat in the shortest time possible, you need to fire up your fat burning metabolism so it’s pumping at 100%, 24 hours a day.

But I’ve never met a new client who was anywhere close. Where did they miss their mark?

Intensity! They were NOT working with enough intensity to maximally ignite their fat burning fires.

The result? Unfortunately, as soon as they finished their workouts, all their fat burning would stop completely. Their metabolism would go cold.

That’s a shame, because if you hit the right intensity, you can actually boost your fat burning metabolism for as much as 24-38 hours after your workout!

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how this works in a minute. And when I teach this to my new clients their results go through the roof.

2. You aren’t burning enough total calories to lose fat quickly

Finding the right exercise balance is tricky. You have to train hard, as we already saw. But if you add too much intensity you’ll burn out. You can’t work like that every day.

On the other had, do too little exercise and you won’t reach your goals either. You need to find a way to squeeze out every last opportunity for burning off calories, without pushing your body too far and overtraining.

Since most programs work at one end of the two extremes, it’s no wonder you’ve never been 100% satisfied with your weight loss results. But Bodyweight Burn puts you right in the sweet spot where you’re doing exactly the right amount and type of workouts to burn the maximum calories possible with the least amount of exercise.

3. You destroy your metabolism and damage your fat burning lean muscle mass

This is the scariest of the three. And the one that’s responsible for jiggly arms, dimpled thighs, “slow metabolisms” and the dreaded rebound weight gain that follows most diets.

The wrong workout program actually forces your body to eat its own lean muscle tissue! And when that happens, you destroy the machinery that keeps you lean.

Healthy lean muscle mass does more than just burn calories. It has a huge role to play in how you store calories and how well you burn your body’s fat stores for fuel.

If you allow your calorie-burning lean muscle mass to be stripped away by your workouts, you’ll have no defense against the dreaded post-diet rebound weight gain that causes so much heartache and frustration. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to protect and even promote new lean calorie-burning metabolic muscle mass.

In fact, it only takes 21 minutes per day to tap into all three essential fat loss methods. And you don’t even need a gym to do it…

The 3 Workout Secret Weapons That Keep You
Burning Fat At 100% Capacity: BW3 Workout System™

This is how you’re going to obliterate all barriers to melting fat quickly and permanently…

There are three main workout strategies you MUST use if you want to hit 100% of your fat burning potential. And Bodyweight Burn hits all of them in just 21 minutes a day.

Here’s how we do it…

We’ve created bodyweight-only workouts that use all three key strategies, and we wove them into the BW3 Workout System™.

When you get busy, while you travel, or if you simply don’t like to exercise at the gym, the BW3 Workout System gives you 100% of the benefits you’d get with any good equipment based program.

Each element of the system is designed to work synergistically with the other two for an incredible total training effect.

1. BW Cardioflow Workout:

BW Cardioflow is our special take on “Slow Cardio,” and it’s an essential ingredient in rapid fat loss.

Cardioflow puts you squarely in the “fat burning zone.” That’s because you perform Cardioflow at precisely the level of intensity required by your body to use fat as its preferred source of fuel.

So what makes Cardioflow so much better than something like jogging? With Cardioflow you don’t get the excessive and chronic release of a hormone called cortisol that can actually make you fatter.

Cortisol isn’t the only problem with running, biking or stair climbing, either. Those forms of exercise also increase your chances of repetitive stress injury. And if you’re injured, you can’t train. If you can’t train, you get fatter.

BW Cardioflow is a chain of bodyweight exercises that fit together in a fun movement chain. They’re designed to take your body through it’s full range of motion, so you never encounter repetitive stress.

Clients tell us it feels like a choreographed dance or martial arts kata. You don’t just get the fat burning benefits — you actually have FUN with it too.

Cardioflow is the secret-weapon that allows you to keep burning calories between more intense workouts, while still recovering 100%.

When you combine BW Cardioflow with the other 2 essential fat loss methods, it accelerates your progress like nothing else.

2. BW Afterburner Workouts:

If you want to lose the greatest amount of flab as quickly as possible, you need to transform your metabolism into a 24/7 fat burning machine. And the best way to do that is with Interval Training.

When you do an interval BW Afterburner session, you actually keep melting flab for up to 38 hours AFTER your workout.

It’s called EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

In the 24-38 hours AFTER a high intensity session like our BW Afterburners, your body works frantically to restore a “normal” state. It has to replenish the fuels you used, remove the garbage byproducts left in your muscle cells and repair any muscle damage from your exercise session.

This takes calories to accomplish. So you keep burning fat to fuel those repairs long after your workout is over.

Want to see some of the science behind it?

In a 2002 study, European researchers measured just how long this fat burning effect lasts. By carefully measuring oxygen consumption in the hours before and after an intense workout, they were able to determine that the EPOC effect was still present 38 hours after a workout.

That’s more than a day and a half of increased fat burning potential!

This alone is pretty amazing.

But there’s one more piece to the puzzle…

3. BW Metabolic-Muscle Workouts:

This is where 90% of fat loss plans fail. Maintaining and even building the right level of lean calorie-burning muscle is essential if you want to hit 100% of your fat burning potential.

But most people ignore muscle entirely…

You can think of a pound of muscle as a little fat burning machine. Even when you aren’t doing anything, it’s using up calories — as many as 50 per day. But the real magic happens when you start to move. The more muscle you have, the more machinery you can put to work, and the higher the “energy cost” you can create during a workout.

Another way muscle mass accelerates weight loss is through "insulin sensitivity". Insulin is your body's "storage" hormone — it shuttles energy and nutrients from your blood into your cells. If your insulin sensitivity goes down, you store more energy as fat.

Including BW Metabolic — Muscle Workouts in your training is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep your insulin sensitivity high.

But don’t worry…

Despite what you’ve probably heard, you don’t have to spend hours a day at the gym to protect and even grow that all important lean muscle.

If you strategically put the scientific principles of “hypertrophy” — muscle growth — to work for you, it only takes 21 minutes to get the job done. And we’ve packed all our legendary hypertrophy tricks into Bodyweight Burn.

We’ve come up with an innovative toolkit of techniques over the years. And we learned them while coaching bodyweight exercise practitioners.

We Perfected The Anywhere, Anytime,
No-Excuses Workout Formula

You see, bodyweight exercise is our specialty. We developed such a reputation for it that other fitness experts started calling Ryan Murdock and I The Bodyweight Coaches. And the name stuck.

NHL Hockey Legend Praises Adam’s Coaching Techniques  

We’ve got over 44 years of combined experience in helping people reach their fat loss goals.

We’ve taught our methods to clients around the world, at seminars and workshops in 11 countries including Singapore, Australia, Slovenia, Germany, The Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, England, Norway, Canada, the USA and more.

But that was just the beginning…

After years of perfecting our training and diet system with our private clients, we decided we had to help as many people as possible. And so we created one of the most innovative online training platforms ever developed.

Today, thousands of people around the world are taking advantage of our unique equipment-free training methods and synergistic nutrition systems to change their bodies — and their lives — forever.

Bodyweight Burn is the most strategic, time efficient, easy to implement program you’ll ever see. And it’ll build you a body that you can be proud of.

We know, because that’s what we do.

We make elite training methods work for regular folks.

Bodyweight Is NOT Just A Backup Option
Or A Fallback For The Gym

That’s right. These are the very same methods that some of the world’s most successful athletes use to build the hottest bodies on the planet.

Know who else has that “Bond body secret”?

Gymnasts and olympic athletes.

Did you see the bodies on some of those competitors at the London Olympics? Pretty incredible, eh?

Well, gymnasts build those bodies with powerful equipment-free bodyweight training.

“Bodyweight isn’t just a backup option or a fallback for the gym.
It’s got everything you need to sculpt a physique people drool over.”

And it isn’t just gymnasts, either.

Did you know that one of the most famous football players of all time — Hershel Walker — used ONLY bodyweight training during his long and successful career?

You won’t build that kind lean and athletic looking body with the cardboard cutout template program you got from your local gym.

And you certainly won’t sculpt a beautiful athletic physique with the so-called “healthy” foods the fitness media is telling you to eat, either…

…But Even The Best Workouts Can’t Make Up
For The WRONG Diet

So now you’re in the know when it comes to the power of short strategic workouts for quickly melting fat from your belly.

But the only way to squeeze every last inch of fat melting potential from those workouts is to pair them with the RIGHT diet strategy.

Unfortunately, if you’re following the advice of most mainstream magazines and diet books, then you’ve been fooled into doing the exact OPPOSITE of what it takes to get lean fast — and stay that way.

Carbohydrates: Friend or Foe?

There's a popular myth in many diet circles that carbs of ANY kind — at ANY time — will bloat you up like the Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

But that's only true if you don't know how to use carbs to your advantage.

In fact, if you match the right carbs strategically with your workouts, you’ll actually speed up your fat burning results!

But carbohydrates are a double edged sword. Use the wrong ones at the wrong time and you’ll completely destroy your metabolism, bringing your fat loss to a screeching halt…

You Can Eat Your Favorite Foods And
Still Double Your Fat Loss With
The Carb-Synch Diet System™

As a health care professional, one of my biggest worries is the ever expanding waistlines of my patients. And there is so much misinformation in the diet and fitness industry that it's hard to find reliable programs based on solid and no-nonsense principles that I can refer my clients to.

Thankfully I found Bodyweight Burn, created by Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock.

My clients can do this program anywhere and anytime, which increases their chances of sticking to it. And the Carb-Synch diet is based on healthy whole foods that promote long-term wellness and fitness. Bodyweight Burn is definitely Dr Potts Approved.

— Dr. Justin L. Potts

Before we go any farther, I want to come clean with my own guilty secret…

I’m a die-hard foodie. Nothing could stop me from eating my favorite foods.

But you know what?

It’s a good thing for you that I live with this flaw. It means I’ve had to pull out all the stops to find tricks that let me eat the stuff I love without suffering the consequences.

Now, I’m not saying you can eat your favorite foods all the time! In fact, I’ve got some very strict rules for you to follow. But if you DO follow them, your fat loss results will actually come FASTER when you indulge your guilty pleasures.

So how does it work? It all comes down to the key hormone for weight loss…


Both diet and exercise have a powerful influence on how insulin acts in your body. When you learn to synchronize the carbohydrates in your diet with the type of workout you’re performing that day, you can easily double your fat loss potential.

You’ll be feeding carbs to your muscles exactly when they need it. And you’ll be switching on your cellular fat burning furnaces by depriving your body of carbs at precisely the right times.

I’ll show you how to match each of our three fat loss workout secret weapons with your diet so you can squeeze out every ounce of fat loss possible.

But let’s get back to what this actually means in your day to day life…

It means you don’t have to deprive yourself of ANYTHING you love to eat. You just have to follow the plan and eat those things at EXACTLY the right time.

I’ll even tell you how to use those foods to speed up your fat loss.

That’s the beauty of the Carb-Synch Diet™. It’s perfectly integrated with the Bodyweight Burn BW3 Workout System™.

But that’s not all…

You can also use the Carb-Synch Diet with ANY other workout program.

”You can even add pieces of the BW3 Workout system to ANY other workout you’re doing to speed up your results”.

Don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly how to put everything together into the most seamless, easy to follow, no-nonsense, simple to stick to program possible.

This is the program that will finally get you the body you’ve been dreaming of — and let you keep that body for good.

Introducing the Bodyweight Coaches’ brand new 6 component…

Bodyweight Burn Complete System
Featuring The Carb-Synch DIET System™ &
The BW3 Workout System™

  • This manual contains every secret you need to melt fat as quickly as possible. All you have to do is turn the page and follow along—we take care of the rest!

    $39 Value
  • If you’ve ever been confused about what to eat, when to eat it and why, this manual will give you the answers. Read this and you’ll know more of the truth about nutrition than 99% of the world.

    $39 Value
  • The Exercise Manual contains a complete library of written cues and still photos for every exercise in your Bodyweight Burn program.

    $29 Value
  • Hang these “done-for-you” charts next to your training area to help keep you on track. And never waste time looking up exercises once you’ve learned the moves.

    $19 Value
  • Most people have no idea just how powerful the simple practice of journalling can be. With our custom-designed printable logs, staying motivated and tracking your progress is a snap.

    $19 Value
  • This video library is worth the price of the entire BWB system by itself. You have access to detailed video demonstrations of every exercise in the system, so you can get the greatest fat burning activation from every workout you do.

    $49 Value

You may be surprised by the affordable one-time price you'll pay for this entire 6 piece program. After all, if I calculated the time it would take for me to teach you this powerful combination of workout and diet systems, and then multiplied it by my hourly personal coaching rate of $215… you’d spend at least $2,580 to get these results!

In fact, I had clients pay me $16,068 dollars one year to get the exact same results that I can give you over next 12 weeks with the Bodyweight Burn system.

When you look at it that way, I think you’ll agree even the face value of $194 dollars is pretty darn cheap. But we don’t want you to pay anywhere near this much…

We created Bodyweight Burn because we want to help you discover the incredible benefits of combining efficient bodyweight training with a strategic diet. And we want as many people as possible to transform their lives with this information. So you won’t have to pay anywhere near what it’s worth.

And that’s not all…

More good news! You’re also getting the following bonuses
when you order the Bodyweight Burn system today

We want to be sure you’re getting the best value possible, and we want you to have every tool you need to guarantee your success. So we’re also including a powerful package of bonuses to accelerate your progress.

Here’s The Free Bonus Package You’ll Receive

As you can see, this exciting bonus package alone is worth $141. And I’m thrilled to be able to give it to you, because it makes your success that much more certain.

I want you to succeed. That’s why I got into this business in the first place. Each successful body transformation is another victory for our entire community. So it’s a no brainer for me to offer you a huge combined value of $315 for a fraction of what it’s worth.

And to top it all off, because I want to get this into your hands, I’m cutting the already discounted regular price of $97 by a whopping $78! That means today you save $78 over the already discounted regular price. Get ready for it… Your investment today is a single one-time secure payment of only $19.

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Energy, Confidence & A Hot Body For YEARS
To Come — No Matter How Busy Life Gets…

Investing in Bodyweight Burn isn’t just about losing that last 10, 20 or even 50 pounds.

The BW3 Workout System and the Carb-Synch Diet will help you reach that goal quickly. But you’ll come through that challenge with something greater… A complete system you can continue to use for the rest of your life.

The best thing is, you can do it anywhere & anytime.

Already have a “favorite” program you love to go back to again and again?


Bodyweight Burn will complement it — and we may even be able to accelerate your results. We’ll show you exactly how to optimize any program by using components of the BW3 Workout System.

But that’s not all…

Now You’ve Got The Perfect Back Up Plan
To Keep You On Track

You will never again have an excuse for giving up on your workouts. That’s because Bodyweight Burn is your perfect backup plan! You can do the workouts anywhere & anytime, so you’ll never have to sacrifice results or compromise on your timeline when you’re traveling, or when life throws a wrench into your plans.

We’ve done these workouts in hotel rooms, the backyard, the living room, and the office. If you’re already on an exercise program, just swap in a Bodyweight Burn workout anytime you can’t get to the gym — and you’ll stay on track no matter what life sends your way.

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Take advantage of our 60 Day Guarantee and experience
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You only live once — and life is too short to spend it struggling with excess fat, terrible energy, low self-esteem or even depression.

Why settle for mediocre fitness and wellness solutions? Why allow cracks to form in your health and physique? Why let negativity, self-doubt and bad habits stop you from getting the body of your dreams?

The Bodyweight Burn System is a natural, sustainable and enjoyable method of losing weight and reshaping your body. It will teach you how to finally break free of the frustration and pain.

With a little help from me and Ryan, you CAN live a breakthrough life—and you can be an inspiration to everyone around you.

But don’t just take our word for it. Join the thousands of people who’ve already changed their lives with our innovative bodyweight training and diet secrets.

You’ll love it. But if you don’t, you’ve got a full 60 days to try it out risk free. If you don’t get the same transformational benefits as all our other clients, just let us know before the end of your 60 days and we’ll give you a full refund.

But that’s not enough. And we’re going to raise the stakes to make it even better…

We don’t JUST guarantee our work. We back you up with a TRIPLE guarantee. We’ve taken all the risk off your shoulders and put it squarely on ours. If we don’t deliver, we don’t want you to pay a dime.

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